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Billboards & Banners

 At That Sign Guy we offer many large format printing and visual Options and solutions for branding environments, exhibitions, retail, events, outdoor, and more.

With a reputation for beautiful UV vibrant printing  With industry leader Mimaki Printers and Supplies is earned by almost 15 years of experience working with design firms, corporations, and retailers to produce large-scale visuals that make an impression. Whichever your need is in-store or window graphics, exhibit, event, outdoor or interior spaces, Sign One will make it a success.

Vibrant UV  Large Format Printing With Mimaki

Large Format Printing

 Printing Applications
Billboards, banners, posters, store decorations, soft signages, exhibitions, events, vehicle graphics, building covers, backdrafts, presentation materials, promotional displays, mounted prints, and more.
 Printing Materials
Tarpaulin, vinyl, canvas, fabric banner, wallpaper, backlit film, leather, photo paper, banner cloth, reflective sticker, laminating film, synthetic film, UV paper, PVC film, poster paper, transparent film, and more.

Print Them BIG

  • Banner & Stands
  • A-frame Signs
  • Window Graphics
  • Office Graphics
  • Aluminum Signs
  • Lawn Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Vehicle Graphics
Absolutely gorgeous printing Very vibrant color..!
Lisa Graham
Business Owner Lisa County Cottage Canada Post

UV Printing


Large format Printing

Mimaki Lus-200 UV Ink

  • Vibrant color results
  • This ink is stretchable up to 200% compared to conventional inks
  • Flexible UV-Ink, optimized for printing substrates that require bending and twisting
  • Environmentally friendly ink
  • Virtually instant curing and drying post-print
Format printing ink

It goes to show that it isn’t always the most expensive machine that has the biggest impact on your business. This Mimaki unit has increase efficiency. It simply makes the workflow faster and better.

Large format printing

We use Only top brand products

YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP, we can provide layout and designs including the printing of it. Printing services such as Tarpaulin Printing, PVC ID Printing, Photopaper Printing, Sticker Printing, Sticker with Sentra Board, Printing, Synthetic Rubberized Material, Polyester Cloth Printing, Business Card Printing, Acrylic Signage, Installation, etc.